Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer is not the right time to knit blankets!

The past few weeks have been insanely busy. I have had to plan a baptism/luncheon, Nolan's 2nd birthday party, homework, babysitting, household chores, a new product for a store in Texas, and Ryenn's birthday party this coming Saturday. With all of that on my plate, it feels so nice to finish up some of my outstanding projects.

This blanket was quite a test of my patience. My goal was to have it done by Christmas. Not this coming Chirstmas. Yes, this past Christmas. I missed the mark by just a little bit.

My mother-in-law is a very wonderful woman. She was patient and very forgiving on the fact that she only got half of her gift this past Christmas (I'm just happy I had SOMETHING finished). She kept telling me that a great gift thats late is better than a mediocre gift on time. This made me feel better. I was also getting bored with the concept of this blanket, seeing as it was the 3rd of its kind that I have knit.

Nonetheless, I trucked through it. It just happened to be during the hottest part of the summer this far. I am lucky to have air conditioning, otherwise this blanket would be taking up a ton of room in my overflowing knitting bag.

I knit this blanket square by square in my mother-in-law's choice of colors. She told me she liked greens and browns. I did take this into consideration and choose somepretty great colors. I chose a really deep forest green as the stand out color. This did exactly what I wanted it to. I finished the border this week using a blue that was the same as the blue that was in the varigated yarn and the deep forest green. It turned out fantastic, much better than I ever imagined. I am glad to say that she will be receiveing her Christmas gift this week!

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