Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weight Loss Goals

This past October I made a vow to lose 20 pounds. This quickly changed, seeing as I reached 18 pounds lost in 17 short days after following the 17 day diet (which is what I continue to follow through the different phases) and NO exercise. I decided then that maybe 30 pounds would be good. Once I reached 30 pounds lost after about a month of trying to lose weight, 40 pounds sounded better. I reached a loss of 40 pounds after just 3 months. I am now aiming for me to weigh between 155 to 160 pounds. I found pictures of me at my heaviest on my laptop today and was shocked. I know that I have lost a lot of weight in the last few years, but I wasn't really noticing it.
January 2009
 In the beginning of 2009, I weighed in at a staggering 250 pounds. I never felt like I weighed that much, but when I would step on the scale and see that number, I knew it was the truth. I was an emotional eater and for years was in a terrible position in my life. I had given up on myself. Everything I had wanted for myself was pushed to the back burner, including my appearance. I have never been a skinny girl, even when I was working out like a dog in high school. I graduated high school weighing 198 pounds. This seemed like a lot at that time but I was in great shape. I was super muscular because of cheerleading and volleyball.
April 2009
Nevertheless, I lost about 30 pounds without really dieting. When I met my husband, I was a lot happier and stopped eating emotionally. My weight dropped pretty fast just by having a much better support system surrounding me. My life was completely changed in April of 2009 when I met him. I began worrying more about myself. When him and I moved in together, I even began working out a bit with my mother-in-law. This stopped due to me constantly not having energy (I was pregnant and didn't know). Right before I got pregnant with our son, our first child, I weighed 205 pounds. I gained 25 pounds in my pregnancy with him, but lost about 35 pounds right after giving birth to him.
July 2010 (2 weeks after Nolan was born)
I then became pregnant again with our daughter a short 3 months later. I put on more weight with her, about 35 pounds. I lost about 25 of it after giving birth to her.
July 2011 (6 days after Ryenn was born)
However, when we decided for me not to return to work, eating like crap became fairly easy for me. With taking care of two infants, time was not always available for me to prepare food. On October 1st, I weighed 219.5 pounds. That was the day the 17 day diet began.

December 2011
I have lost 45 pounds since October 1st, with my weight fluctuating a bit between 179 and 190. The diet itself has gotten me as far as its going to without help from exercising. I tried just exercising without dieting as well. Both just maintained my weight. I am now going to try both of these at the same time to help me shed those last 20-25 pounds I want to lose. With my kids getting older, making meals is becoming easier and a necessity. I also want to lose this weight before getting pregnant with our next baby (which I am already itching to do, Adam not so much). I am where I am supposed to be weight wise for all 5'11.75" of me (I refuse to say I and 6'0" tall), but I would like to lose the last bit of weight for my own vanity. I will continue to keep you updated on my progress once a week, starting with today. If you want to follow along with me, pick up a copy of the 17 Day Diet and sign in to skinnyms.com (where I do all the summer challenges for exercise).
June 2012 (weight: 184)

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