Thursday, June 14, 2012


This past Saturday, my husband, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, babies, and I decided to spend the day together. We started the day by grabbing breakfast at the Grand Coney. It was such a great breakfast and a great time for all of us to bond. We followed breakfast with an amazing trip to the zoo.
Hubby, Allyson, and Mom walking in the zoo!
We went to John Ball Zoo early in the day. This was a good idea, seeing as the temperature reached 90 degrees! We had a blast!

Watching the fish intently
We visited the aquarium where Nolan was mostly scared, or maybe cautious, of this area. Ryenn loved it, which seemed to be here theme for the day.
She loves the fish
Ryenn and Grandma in the aquarium
We also saw the aviary (which Nolan seemed to get perked up about).
There were two memorable aspects of this zoo trip. This first being the petting zoo. Nolan was in love with the baby cow. He even tried headbutting the thing! He also brushed the goats. It was adorable. Ryenn was very curious about the rooster, the chickens, and the sheep.
petting the sheep
his favorite!

Stare down with the chicken
brushing the goats
Ryenn petting the cow

The second, and maybe most memorable, was Ryenn's love affair with the pygmy goats! One of them kept nibbling her fingers! She was giggling and kept sticking her fingers out for him to nibble her. It was so cute! Probably didn't hurt that she just ate an animal cracker and had some remnants still on her hands.
The goat is eating her fingers!
They loved the pygmy goat pen!

She loved him!
We finished this trip by seeing the snakes, the bears, and baby Henry (the camel). I would deem this trip a huge success and cannot wait to go again soon. They're getting Tigers in spring of 2014!!!
Baby Henry
Most of these pictures courtesy of my fabulously talented sister-in-law, Allyson!

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