Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 More Birthdays

My sister, Jessi, seems to like having winter babies. Her first child was born in November, her last in late December, and her 2 middle kids were both born in January. Kali celebrated her 10th birthday on the 19th of this month and Lily celebrates turning 6 on the 26th. We, however, celebrated as a family yesterday.

Kali and Amiyah

The last week was busy for me, due to having so much due at the same time. If it wasn't for Florida, it was for these two little misses. The first thing I knit was for Kali. I decided to look up different knitted headbands but couldn't find any patterns that were either free or at a reasonable price. So I decided to wing it. My first concept was this two-toned twist headband that twisted upon itself to make a really neat design. 
Blue and Gray headband

It was fairly simple once I decided what it was I actually wanted to do and how i wanted  it to look. I knit 2 long strips, each in Stockinette stitch, to my desired length. I then twisted them upon themselves and seamed the ends together. I chose this teal color and gray for 2 reasons. First being that my niece likes blue. Second, that I thought a bright color and a more neutral color would go well together.

Twisted to make a loop

The second gift I made for Kali was another twisted headband. This however is also an ear warmer. I knew she would love it (and her mom would too) and it would work so perfectly for this winter. I chose to knit this in olive green and plum. The colors were screaming for me to knit them together and I thought it would be perfect seeing as purple is her favorite color.

Purple and green

Pretty twist
 Last thing I made her was jewelry that I got from The Sweatshop of Love. First was the daisy chain necklace (pictured below) and the second was the ruffle bracelet. My sister sent me the kits for these with both the blue and yellow yarns. I decided to crochet the bracelet in a pink yarn rather than the blue or yellow. I used Red Heart Shimmer in hot pink. It didn't quite turn out as great as Allyson's does, but hey, I'm not really a crocheter. I also decided to switch it up with the daisy chain necklace too. I chose both the yellow and blue for the necklace, but I also added the deep purple. Seeing as this was a worsted weight yarn, the center flower turned out quite a bit larger than the other two.

For Lily I decided at the last minute (meaning the day before her party) to knit her one of the ear warmers as well. I had this really great fluffy yarn that was different shades of pink (her favorite color). I loved this even more than the first one I knit. It was very soft and I almost wanted to keep it!

Pink headband
 Lastly I knit her a case for her DS. All the other kids had a case for theirs but her. She actually got hers from my mom when Amiayh got a new one. Amiyah lost hers a few years ago, and a year later my husband found it in the woods (after a year of rain and even a winter). We all searched FOREVER for it, and he finds it when he was chasing my big dummy dog Moose out of the woods. Crazy thing is is that it actually still worked. Nevertheless, Lily got Amiyah's old one (the one from the woods) but it didnt have a case. So I decided to knit her a pink one. I embellished it with adorable flower buttons.

DS case
 I also made them some of the flower clips like I made for Khloe. It was a great success. The girls loved their gifts and I was happy to creatively experiment. I knit this all last week (on top of a hat for a client and products for Florida). Thats the great things about not wanting to venture out of the house in the snow and with sick kids.
Winter in my front yard

AND winter in my backyard

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