Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zebra Hat!

Animal hats are an amazingly fun knit! I just love to see the finished product and be able to say, "hey! That actually DOES look like (insert said animal here)!"

Me rocking a finished Zebra Hat

I was super excited when my friend Abbie asked if I was able knit a hat that looked like a zebra. I have knit a couple giraffe hats, a few owls (based on my own pattern), and a few characters from cartoons (Geo from Team Umizoomi and Pikachu). I am a big fan of zebra prints so I was excited to get started on this. 
Mane and ears!

I tried adding a blue (her favorite color) edging around the whole hat to add a little color, but my husband informed me that it didn't make sense. He said it no longer looked like a zebra and instead just looked like a striped hat. So instead, i went with just a black crocheted edge and I love the way it looks.
Pom-pom main and braids
I mailed out the hat this morning and I can't wait to here her reaction to it. Still kind of nervous when sending out products.

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