Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Button Pod for Gumballs and Overalls

Adaly Myles Place is found at a few stores since last year, October-ish. It was fun to know that My products were actually going to be sold in other states. At this point, I had sold to friends, my photographer and some acquaintances; nothing out of state. I actually contacted Tammy Hicks from Gumballs and Overalls believing her to be located in Rockfor, MI. Well we set up a date to meet when we realized we were 2000+ miles apart. She relocated herself to Valrico, FL (Gumballs and Overalls has 2 locations now). So instead of meeting up, she browsed the pictures of my products and decided what she wanted at her store. I have been doing pretty well selling there. She recently asked for more products and that's exactly what I am working on this week.

3 button pods for Florida

I have sent her a bunch of products already. She is currently selling knitted leg warmers, hooded baby pods, pom pom pigtail hats, baby pods, baby cord hats, and the button pods. Its fun to be able to know that things are selling in another state.

Cozy little pods

I am also starting on writing my own sweater pattern! I am nervous and excited. I am starting with a sweater for my grandpa for his birthday. His birthday is late July so I have until then.

Yarn for grandpa's sweater

He has been asking for a while. So this Christmas I decided to start one after the new year. He wants the sweater to be in his favorite colors, blue and gold. He is a HUGE Notre Dame fane so its only fitting to make a Notre Dame inspired sweater. I'm going to name the pattern something after the fighting Irish or maybe my grandpa.

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