Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick Kids = Many Finished Projects

Nolan was sick this past week. He hasn't been sick in forever. in his whole 19 months of life, he has only been seriously sick one other time; his baptism! He had an ear infection then. This time, it was a case of the stomach flu. It was so hard to see him sick and crying. He slept a lot, which allowed me to get a lot done. However, instead of me giving you an overload of information, I will spread it out.

So far my bucket list has been going fairly well. I havent been cooking like I to. I have been working out like I would like to though, which is never! I've decided to tell you about the books I have  read so far.

The first one I read was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. This book was read from a recommendation from my sister, Allyson, after she nearly burst into tears over the preview for the movie. I was super interested seeing as it is a spin on what most people write about September 11; its actually based on the time AFTER 9/11 rather than events leading up to or occuring that day. I highly reccommend this book!!!

I also started a series on the recommendation of my mother-in-law. Its the Kinsey Milhone Mystery series by Sue Grafton where each book is a different letter of the alphabet. I obviously started with A ("A" is for Alibi) and read the thing in 2.5 days!! I couldnt put it down!!!

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