Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fantasy Football and a Polar Bear Birthday

Today was a very busy and productive day. I made up some new Adaly Myles Place products, signed up for Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge, and celebrated my youngest niece's (Khloe) 2nd birthday. She turned 2 on December 28. Being so close to the holidays, its hard to get everyone back together to celbrate her big day. So today was her big party.
My Sister Jessi and Khloe

Her and Nolan are right around the same age so it's super fun to watch them play together now. They battle over toys, get into things together, and just run around following each other. It's so cute!
Khloe and Nolan playing with balloons

I decided earlier this week that I wanted to make her a furry polar bear hat! I actually bought the yarn last night around 7pm and got started right away. With 2 kids to wrangle, it was a challenge to finish it on time. The yarn I used, Red Heart Baby Clouds, was a pain to knit with. It was the perfect yarn for the look I was going for, but I kept stabbing my needle into the fuzzy parts. It was making it difficult to knit this quickly.

The cutest hat!!!

I must say, I am proud of the end results. I got a book from my sister, Allyson Dykhuizen, called Stitch 'N Bitch Nation last year for Christmas. I cracked up when I saw the title. Amazing! Anyway, it had a pattern for a Russian bonnet that I absolutely loved when I first saw it. Well the pattern was for an adult. So I knit a general earflap hat for a toddler, added some ears, and then used the pattern for the pom-pom ties. They look AMAZING!

She wouldn't look at me for a picture!

My sister, Jessi, also was telling me how much she loved the poofy hair clips for her girls. Rather than her spending money on them, I decided I would use Ryenn's old tutus that wouldn't fit her anymore and make some myself. They were relatively quick to make and look adorable in her hair! I actually wipped up 6 of these little buggers in about 2 hours. What took me the longest was actually finding the alligatos clips I had bought months prior.

Hair clips for Khloe

I've decided to make up a bunch more of these clips, seeing as they were fun to make, I have TONS of tulle, and I have a daughter and 3 more nieces that will wear these. I am going to experiment with embellishing them a bit too.

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  1. That hat is the cutest! I can't believe you changed the pattern so effectively to fit a child size! Awesome job!