Friday, January 6, 2012

Aidez Sweater Knit-along

My sister hosted a knit-along this past fall/winter on her blog, The Sweatshop of Love, where we all voted on the sweater in which to knit. The Aidez Sweater was the winner.

The finished Aidez sweater (not mine)

The pattern was super challenging but proved to be such a fun knit. I learned so much and feel now that I can knit up anything I set my mind to. She was great enough to create a chart for us to follow rather than going back and forth between the pages and charts and getting confused. It was hard enough with the charts, I probably would have shot my self and scrapped the sweater (not necessarily in that order) if I was left with figuring it out as I went.

The back of my sweater!

I used a varigated yarn and LOVED the way it turned out. I fell behind due to Holiday knitting and finished like 2 or 3 weeks late. However, I finished and am super happy with the results. Its amazingly warm and have been using it more as a jacket than a sweater.

Seriously, pictures don't do this sweater justice.

I can't wait to start our next knit-along, which is scheduled to start on February 6th (the day before I turn 24). We are knitting the Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow. This was the runner up from our vote this past fall.

Delancey Cardi
I have also been knitting some other things, such as Laura Loop's Short-row Sweater. This fun little sweater is short sleeved and somewhat backless! After recently losing 40lbs, I am excited to wear this. That means I have to hurry up and knit it!

Half-way done with the short-row sweater

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