Thursday, March 21, 2013

16 week (and 5 Day) Update

I haven't updated on the baby's progress in a while, which I apologize for. We are getting closer and closer to being able to find out what this little baby is! I am beyond excited! I am guessing that it's going to be a girl. I am mostly basing this off the fact that I want a boy. It has happened that whatever I want gender wise, I get the opposite. Girls are much more difficult than boys. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I wish Ryenn was a boy or that I can't handle her. I just don't think I could handle two attitudes like Ryenn's. She is a DIVA! Anyway, this Saturday we are 17 weeks along. That means a 3 measly weeks until we know what this little nugget is!

I had another appointment today. The baby's heart rate keeps falling in the 140s and 150s. This is directly in between what Ryenn and Nolan had as heart rates. This allows me to keep pondering whether this is a boy or a girl (although I have that feeling its a girl). I have also had the most intense headaches this past week. They have been debilitating and made me not want to do much of anything. With my schedule, I don't have time for that. So I have been pushing through the pain until I can't see straight. My doctor has given me two different medications to try to help me out. One is a higher dosage Tylenol and the other is Zyrtec. I am hoping that this cures my headaches.

I have also started to feel the baby move! I missed that feeling so much. It is my favorite part of being pregnant, because let's face it there are so many negatives. I also like the growing baby bump. I am still "under weight" technically. I think that's great. It means that my weight gain should stay below 20lbs (which is about what I gained in previous pregnancies). Today I weighed in at 196.4lbs which is a total gain of .6lbs so far. I'll take it. According to Baby Med, I should now weigh between 202.2-206.4lbs. I am happy to be well below that.

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