Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (How I KNEW He was THE ONE)

I always thought that my mom was lying when she said she couldn't really remember her life before she and Ray got married. I thought there is no way possible you just forget those things. Yet here I sit, not being able to remember a time before I met this man I sit next to as we speak. I feel like he has always been in my life, has always been my husband. I felt like today, being our 3rd wedding anniversary and all, was a perfect time to write about how I knew Adam was the one for the 30 things my kids should know about me list.

We met when I started working at Advantage Health. We had talked a bit before actually going out on our first date. For me, the timing wasn't that great but I thought what the Hell. At that time he was working two jobs, security at Saint Mary's (Advantage Health is a doctors office located inside one of Saint Mary's Emergency Room locations) and supervisor at the Advance Newspaper. When we started officially dating, getting time together was somewhat difficult. He and I worked so much and had other commitments to tend to. Nonetheless we made it work.

We went to the beach and the drive-in quite a bit the summer of 2009, when we really started connecting. Our go to movie? Star Trek (one of my now favorite movies). Yes my husband was turning me into a nerd from the start. He took me to Grand Haven's beach for the first time in my life where, again for the first time, I had Pronto Pups (addictingly fabulous corn dogs). We had a blast together. We then decided to move in together after he bought a house in September.

But how did I know that he was the one? When did it hit me? It was in July of 2009. While Adam and I had only been exclusively dating for a short time before this, he saved my life. Not in the literal I was about to be killed or fall to my death kind of way. No, instead it was actually that he rescued my dog for me.

I got the most asinine call at my job one day saying that I was being accused of stealing my own dog. I told the sheriff that he was nuts if he thought for a second that this dog belonged anywhere but with me and that I had all of the papers (including his registration). The sheriff said the caller seemed nuts and not to worry about it. For some reason though, I was. I called Adam, my knight in shining armor, and asked if I could bring Diezel along for the night when we went to a friend's party. He said no problem after he heard of the situation. He even left work and drove the hour to my parent's house (and the hour back) it took to get to him while I finished up working. Saved him just in the knick of time, before craziness showed up at my door insisting I stole their dog.

It was that selflessness that made me realize that he had stolen my heart. He may have done so quietly before then, but it was then that it hit me, HARD. I knew then that this man never wanted to see me hurt, upset, or anything short of happy. He was willing to inconvenience himself in order to keep what was important to me close. He was chivalrous and showed no unpleasantness in doing these ridiculous tasks to ensure nothing bad happened to me. It was then that I knew that he was there to protect me, even if that meant by protecting my favorite little beast.

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