Thursday, March 7, 2013

WIP Holla Knits Test Knit

Although my time is somewhat limited lately, I always make time to help Allyson out with her new patterns. She has helped me so often with clients and questions and I feel this is my way of making it up to her (while getting amazing yarn to knit and amazing design). The Holla Knits 2nd Spring Collection is coming soon and I am anxious to see all of the beautiful pieces and designs. I am currently working on one of Allyson's designs for this collection.

One of the best things about testing knitting for Allyson? I get beautiful hand dyed yarn for FREE (my reward for helping). I have received some of the most beautiful yarns when knitting these projects for her.

Yarn Love sent me the most gorgeous purple yarn for this design called Arabian Nights. I am always surprised by how much I love the colors and how well they suit me seeing as the dyers have free reign on choosing what to send. I started working on this design last month and have found it more difficult than I intially thought.

I have never knit bobbles before and I am finding keeping with the pattern to be very difficult when having little ones around. This is only because my concentration is not what it should be. I have had to tear out stitches because I have lost count numerous time. I am finally getting the hang of it and hoping that it will go a bit faster now.

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