Sunday, March 31, 2013

FO Ryenn's Easter Dress

I decided a while ago that I wanted to make Ryenn's dress for Easter like last year. This time, however, I wanted it to be a little more formal. I picked up the fabric about two weeks ago and couldn't find a pattern I was in love with.

I have made numerous of Ryenn's dresses previously without patterns, but decided that I don't really have the thinking capacity right now to create something on my own. I instead searched the internet for patterns for dresses.

I was happy when I stumbled upon Apples and Aprons blog post devoted to the best FREE patterns with tutorials for Easter or spring dress'! It was packed full of dresses that were super cute and did you notice FREE! Free is always great. I loved the very first dress listed and remember pinning this dress on Pinterest previously.

The pattern is The Party Dress by Lindsay over at the Cottage Home. I was so excited to get started. Not excited enough to start before Easter morning, but hey what's wrong with a little procrastination.

Flower bodice
Yes you read that right. I did not start this dress, other than getting the fabric or printing the pattern, until 9am on Easter morning. I finished it and it was better than I imagined.

Invisible zipper
I did shorten the bodice a little (on accident) which prevented me from being able to add the sash for the waist (but I also ran out of time).

I even lined the inside!
I also shortened the skirt a little (on purpose this time) because Ryenn does not look natural in a long dress. She is too much of a tomboy, which is the reason I only have one picture of her actually in the dress (which is of her back). She doesn't like to sit still for too long.

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