Saturday, May 26, 2012


I am someone who LOVES change! My husband actually gets annoyed with how much I change things around in our house. When we first moved into our house (September 8, 2009), I had our silverware in a drawer nearest the window in our kitchen. They stayed there for about a week. I felt it wasn't functional and moved it more towards the center of our kitchen, which was about 6 drawers away from the original spot. Nearly 3 years later and I catch my husband still opening the original drawer for silverware (he doesn't do so well with change). I can only imagine how things will be when we finish redoing our entire kitchen in a few weeks.
Before :(
Semi-after :)
Like I said, I am huge into changing things. My hair is something I change quite a bit as well. When I was pregnant with Ryenn, nearing the end of my pregnancy, I was nesting big time. I was like momma bird. I was the same way when pregnant with Nolan. Anyway, changing things around wasn't enough for me. While I was watching Dancing with the Stars one night, I felt the sudden urge to chop my hair off like Chelsea Kane! I immediately called up Heidi to see if she was available to do it ASAP before I changed my mind. To make a long story short (no pun intended), I chopped almost 10 inches off my hair! It was so great to have such a drastic change!

Long hair, and pregnant
Short hair, and pregnant (yes, I send a lot of my time being pregnant)
Lastly, My blog was getting a little boring to me. I didn't like that I wasn't "branding" myself. So this morning, with a little help from the hubster and my laptop, I created a logo for Adaly Myles Place that is very much me. I then made the entire blog look a little brighter and a reflection of me. I like the simplicity of the new design and how my fanpage now looks similar to my blog. I am sure you will read more about changes as this blog progresses!

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