Friday, May 18, 2012

WIP Dollar and a Half

I fell in love with the Dollar and a Half Cardigan when I saw my sister, Allyson, post a picture of hers. From that moment on I wanted to knit it! When my mother-in-law was getting rid of her old knitting pattern magazines, I went through them. Low and behold I found the Dollar and a Half!!!! I was ecstatic. I believe I even texted or tweeted Allyson about it (yes I'm a nerd). When I posted about it, Lily Ubbelohde asked me if I was knitting it. I said I was and she invited me to join her and some others knit-aong. Its really more of a check your progress with each other rather than reaching goals. Nonetheless, this has helped me keep going at this sweater, despite the obvious lack of space in my schedule.
left front cable and lace
 I made huge amounts of progress in the first week. I got through the rib band along the bottom of the sweater. I decided to ignore the pattern instructions about NOT knitting this sweater in the round, but let's face it, I LOATHE seaming. I will avoid it at all costs! So with knitting in the round, the counts and pattern started out a little confusing.
lace and textured striping on back and right front
However, during week 2 serious pattern progress was made. I've gotten to the point where I don't need to read the pattern anymore (a skill I have acquired due to my strength with math and equations and a somewhat photgraphic memory). I got through a few rows of the lace and textured striping and am loving it! I love everything about this sweater, and am so glad the girls talked me into knitting it in coral rather than cream. Week 3 didn't yield much progress, but here's to looking forward and busting things out in week 4.

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