Thursday, May 3, 2012

FO Short-row Sweater

I finished this sweater quite a while ago and forgot to block it FOREVER. I first blogged about the short-row sweater back in January. I finished it in late January, but forgot to completely block it. I blocked it once and didn't care for the fit. I took pictures anyway but the more I looked at the initial pictures, the more I knew I needed to block it a second time. I'm in the process of blocking this for the FOURTH time.
blocking the first time
the fit after the first blocking :(
back looked OK after first blocking

So after blocking it for what seemed like a hundred times, it finally fit relatively close to the way I wanted it to. This was amazingly fun to knit. I really got the hang of short-rows after this sweater, which was a good thing seeing as it seems like everything I have knit since includes short-rows. I was unhappy to knit with such a thin yarn and with super little needles, but I loved the outcome! This pattern was ultimately my inspiration for the pattern I want to write (details eventually will be told about this mystery pattern).
after 3rd blocking :( still not long enough!!
After 3rd blocking
The simple details of this sweater make is so gorgeous! And by simply pairing with with different looks, you have a very versatile top! I mean, who doesn't want a backless shirt in their closet? I love it and can't wait to wear it this summer.

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