Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FO Ryenn's Baptism Gown

Beaded neckline
I am notorious for waiting until the last minute to whip things together. However, with Ryenn's baptism gown, I decided to get an early start. This meaning I started the dress 2 days before rather than the night before. I bought white, satin fabric from Hobby Lobby on a quick trip in which I was looking for wooden blocks for a gift.

White Satin
I also bought some pearl and lace edging detail that would accomplish the look I was going for. Of course, I made this dress without a pattern (as I usually do) which was a lot more difficult than usual. Satin is very hard to sew with. My sewing machine kept catching on the fabric and I was unable to achieve the fullness I wanted. It turned out great, but I wanted a fuller skirt.
Traditionally long
I also was kind of a dummy and didn't make the zipper area long enough! This made for some real difficulties getting her in and out of the dang thing. And being a baby, she wasn't very patient or cooperative. Nonetheless, she looked so cute! I got so many compliments on her dress.

Check out the length!!!


  1. Ryenn is such a doll!
    Envious of your sewing skills - my skills require very detailed patterns, an incredible amount of patience, with no alterations :)

  2. Thanks! I just love her, she is so full of personality.
    And my sewing skills are very limited. I just try to get something done, perfect or not. I had the HARDEST time getting her into the dress because I screwed up the zipper. lol!