Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Baby Hammock

I have been knitting up quite a bit of photography props the last few weeks. The most popular seems to be the hammock. And what's not to love about a baby looking sweet and cozy sleeping in a fuzzy hammock.

I actually came up with the concept when I was making me first stork pouch. This hammock is knit with size 35 needles using a strand of some sort of fluffy or fuzzy yarn (to give it texture) and a coordinating strand of worsted weight yarn.

CO 14 sts
k RS rows and p WS rows
Increase by kfb on both ends every 4th row until there is 30 sts total.
Then decrease by k2tog on both sides every 4th row until there are 14 sts left.
BO all stitches

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