Monday, October 15, 2012

F isn't for Finished AT ALL

I have been slacking hugely on updating this blog. This isn't due to lack of things to do, trust me. I have been so busy that I have forgotten to take pictures of products I have sent, forgotten what day it is, and forgotten to eat on certain days. I have a brutal school schedule, Christmas is coming up (where has the time gone?!), and orders are coming in like no other.
How could I say no to this?!
I was contacted a while ago by a girl (yes I say girl because I will always see her as 15/16 year old), Kylee, who graduated with my little sister. She is due in February to have a baby boy (which she didn't know when she contacted me). She asked me if I knit custom orders. I told her absolutely.
Gorgeous, right?
She sent me a picture of what she was wanting me to knit and I about died. I PINNED THAT TOO! That's all I kept thinking. I was looking forward to knitting this blanket for Ryenn, but didn't really want to spend the $9 on the pattern, which is a lot when you can find so many free patterns. With such enthusiasm, I agreed to the job. I told her I would have the blanket done by January, seeing as it is such a tedious project. I have only gotten a few flowers done, seeing as I have had so many orders in, but will show pictures when I get a few rows done.

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