Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Tigers and the World Series

For anyone who doesn't know, our family are avid Tigers fans. My husband is literally obsessed with baseball, especially Tigers Baseball. So much so that we are planning a vow renewal ceremony for our 5 year anniversary that will have a heavy Tigers influence and our kids' names are Nolan and Ryenn (I was tricked with Nolan's name after I said no professional athletes, but then couldn't get the name Ryenn out of my head for our little miss). But right now, we are only concerned with the Tigers winning the World Series.

Adam, Allyson, my mother-in-law, the babies and I went to Fifth Third Ballpark for game two for the Tigers watch party hosted by the Huge Show. There was food, drinks, and so many fans. It was absurd to bring both the babies and hope they would sit quietly through the game. That would be the day that Hell freezes over. So quiet, very cooperative babies didn't happen, but it was still so fun.
Our little family
Nolan and Ryenn spent the first 5 innings of baseball either eating or running around the stadium. We got to watch the game on the jumbotron as well as spend time with our little family. Ryenn cried when Fielder was called out at home plate (OK maybe more because she got startled by the shouting around us, but it's way cuter to think she was sad about Fielder).
Loving the hotdogs
My mother-in-law and I left after the 5th inning in order to get the babies in bed. Adam and Allyson left at the start of the 8th due to the rain. The Tigers lost 0-2, but we were able to watch it in style.
And the Icecream!
With that depressing news, I do have some good news! We have winner of the Multiplicity pattern! Johalley (Ravelry ID) you will be receiving this pattern soon! Congratulations and I cannot wait to see your finished project!

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