Friday, October 5, 2012

FO Earwarmer Headband

I didn't really have time to post a WIP post on this (even if I had wanted to) because I finished this the day I started it. Liz (Gabby's mom) had asked me if I make the ear warmer headbands a few weeks ago. She may have even asked last year, but who can really remember that long ago. When I told her I can make anything that can be knitted, she ordered one for me. I was glad she did because I don't have them available in my shop and it really should be.
Well now it is, thanks to Liz. She wanted it in gray which luckily I have in my huge stash in my basement. I used I Love This Yarn in Grey Beard. I was able to knit the headband portion in about an hour and a half and the flower (actually two flowers connected) in about 30 minutes. It was a super quick knit and fun to make. I am sure my nieces or sisters will have a few of these this Christmas.
I was glad it fit her and she liked it. I am always worried someone will not like what they order, so it's always nice to get pictures and affirmation sent to me, both of which Liz did. I followed the pattern that is available for free on Tif Matthews's blog, where she gave multiple versions for different weight yarns. It was easy to follow and thorough.

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