Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FO McCarren Park Cap

So due to my busyness, or maybe laziness, I didn't even mention last week that I was working on an order for a hat. My friend, Sam, saw one of the pictures from the Holla Knits photo shoot and LOVED the hat I was wearing with the Devon Cardigan. The hat belonged to Lily and just happened to be one of Allyson's designs.
I have been looking at the McCarren Park Cap for quite sometime, longing to knit it. Usually my knitting time is taken up with knitting for Adaly Myles Place, Christmas gifts, or Holla Knits. So when she asked me to knit this for her, I was all over it. She couldn't decide whether she liked the yellow I was wearing in the picture or if she wanted red. She left it up to me and said "Surprise me." 
I went with the red because the yellow I would have to order, meaning she would get it later than what I had hoped. I chose the same red that I am using for my fourth test knit for Holla Knits. I simply love Red Heart Soft yarn! It is inexpensive, available at stores near me, and is exactly what it says, SOFT! I ran out of yarn in the middle of my project, seeing as I was using the same skein for two projects, so I had to run to the store on Monday to buy a second skein.
I then chose to do fabric covered buttons in a simple floral print that just happen to be yellow! I am sad to part with this hat and have already been dreaming of ones for myself!

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