Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laughter Fills This Home

On my worst days, the laughter or smiles from my babies just make everything better. They fill my heart with so much joy. Especially when they play together. They seem to be enjoying each other quite a bit more, seeing as Ryenn isn't just trying to break and eat all the toys. I have been trying to share a video on Facebook for a while now of just how much fun they have together.
One day, Ryenn was standing on the storage bench we have in front of the big window we have in our living room. They both love to climb on it to see outside. Anyway, Nolan kept hiding in the curtain and making noises at Ryenn, which in turn made her crack up. This lasted for about a half an hour! I caught the end of it on tape and though it would be so fun to share. I want to apologize for how dark the video is. The light from the window behind Ryenn kept making the lighting really weird. But hey, you can still here their amazingly adorable laughs!


  1. They're both so sweet! You have such lovely children.

  2. This really was sweet, made me laugh too!

  3. Thanks! They certainly make my life a little sweeter.