Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mommy/Nolan Playday

Ryenn naps more than Nolan now. I think she is teething and growing all at once. She takes two naps and sleeps through the night. Well while she naps, I get to spend some time with just Nolan and I. We chose to play in the backyard yesterday. It was so fun. He loves his dogs, especially chasing them.
He is starting to learn new words and can even bring me the things he is talking about. Yesterday his big new word was "bird." At first I didn't think he was really getting it or even trying. Then he surprised me. He was saying bobo for bird. I disregarded it as an actual word until he brought me one of his toy birds saying, "bobo! bobo!" I was so excited! I love when he learns new things!
Anyway, while outside, his farvorite thing to do was chase Moose's tail and try and ride Xandar. Both of the dogs were troppers about it, and let him do as he pleased. It was cute. He can say Moose now and just calls Xandar "doggie." I love the time I get one on one with my kids.

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