Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Thursday Thanksgiving

With two toddlers, nothing is ever easy. Especially holidays. When we are at other people's houses, our kids turn into mini Godzilla's and have to get into everything they aren't supposed to. At both Adam's parents' and my parents' houses, they have open stairways to their upstairs. This proves to be the most hectic area of the house for me. Both Nolan and Ryenn spend the majority of their time here trying to get up those stairways. They must think there are these hidden treasures up there or something.
Nolan's 1st Thanksgiving
So usually on Thanksgiving, I am able to binge eat like I haven't eaten in weeks. This year was a lot different. With chasing these two around so much, eating was less appealing. I mean, I only had one piece of pie ALL DAY for God's sake. And this piece was kind of shoved down my throat, very willingly, as I was leaving one place to go to the next (seeing as I was the one who made the pie I had to try a piece).
Ryenn's 1st Thanksgiving
It was strange with the weather being so warm. It was strange having to chase two toddlers around rather than having two little ones that are easy to confine. It was strange planning our shopping for later that night. Nonetheless, it was a good holiday. We had two great meals, spent time with both halves of our amazing family (with Allyson and PT missing though, it just wasn't the same), and got our major purchase out of the way before we even got home to go to bed.
Thanksgiving 2010
Our major purchase on Black Friday (or Thursday rather) was a camera. I have been wanting a professional grade camera FOREVER! There has never been one on a great sale that was better than the one I already have. So when I jokingly told Adam that I wanted a new camera, he looked through a few and found one he liked for about $500. When we looked a little more into the Black Friday deals, we found a Canon T3 18-55IS DSLR Camera with EF 75-300 Lens, Gadget Bag, and 4GB Memory Card Bundle for $499.99! I wanted to die with excitement. I also did NOT want to wait in line with kids or have them wait in the car with daddy (here comes the difficulty of having two toddlers).  BUT it was available to order online! So Merry Christmas to me, my hubby got me an amazing camera! We also got ALL of our Christmas shopping done for the kids, us and my sisters.  It was a very successful holiday.
Thanksgiving 2011

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  1. You are going to have so much fun with your Rebel. Especially with little ones to capture. It also makes photographing your knits so much easier.