Friday, November 30, 2012

FO Four Twisted Headbands

I have been over run with knitting these last few week, and still have so many more to finish. I did kick my butt into high gear yesterday with starting AND finishing four twisted ear warmer headbands.
I got an order from Hayley for four of them; purple and green, beige, burgundy, and black. I started at about 8am and finished at about 4:30, with just enough time to take pictures of them and send them out in the mail. I just used whatever leftover yarns I had from previous projects.
I was especially happy with the beige one. It was such a simple color that I don't normally choose to knit with, but I LOVED the simplicity and elegance to this color.
I used my own pattern with I developed with my first twisted headband for Ryenn for her first Thanksgiving. You can see it on my Thanksgiving post in the picture of her as a little beeb. I also made one for Kali and Lily for their birthdays.


  1. How do i find the pattern, love it...


  2. I don't have a pattern written for this, sorry. I just kind of winged it.