Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super heroes and Pink Elephants!

Yesterday was Halloween and it was Ryenn's first REAL Halloween. We dressed the kids up last year but only got candy for Nolan. He didn't quite get the concept last year of trick-or-treating, but by the second house this year, he looked like a pro. It was a night of funny occurances with our babies.

Halloween Happenings:
  1. Ryenn had to wear Nolan's shoes because she was so bundled up that hers didn't fit. So instead of the size 5 she needs, she was wearing a size 7.
  2. Ryenn kept tripping over he feet because of the aforementioned shoes.
  3. Nolan wanted to go into everyone's house to visit after they gave him the candy.
  4. So did Ryenn.
  5. Nolan would take his first piece of candy then stick his hand out for more after he would put his first piece in the bag.
  6. Ryenn would hold onto the bowls people let her pick from until she knew which one she wanted, which happened to be the whole bowl.
  7. After this said bowl would be taken away, Ryenn would cry.
  8. Nolan ONLY wanted to hold grandma's hand.
  9. Ryenn wasn't liking the idea of putting the candy in her bag instead of eating it.
  10. They were both scared of Seth's mask.
  11. Ryenn's cheeks were too fat for her costume so I had to keep readjusting her hood. And she ended up with little elastic marks on her cheeks.
  12. Nolan wanted to Ryenn as fast as he could to beat Ryenn to the doors.
It was such a fun night and I am so glad that Adam was able to take the night off. We got so many compliments on the kids' costumes. Especially Ryenn's elephant costume. I can't wait until next year when they are a bit bigger and can actually say "trick-or-treat."

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