Thursday, November 29, 2012

FO Vintage Knitting

I finished it!!! Don's sweater, it's finished! Granted the project isn't quite complete yet. Allyson is in the process of writing up duplicate stitch charts for team logos so she is using this sweater as a guide. I mailed it off to her to complete that and add the custom leather buttons.
Love this neckline!
I had a lot of fun knitting this sweater. It was the largest sweater I have knit which made the project really heavy and bulky to work with. It had a lot of elements that were so simple but that just made this sweater look so much more finished and thought out.

This pattern was written so well and gave me only a few moments where I couldn't figure it out. I usually worked on this project late at night, so I blame any problems I had following the pattern on that. If I reread it the next day, it made perfect sense to me. So I DO NOT suggest trying to read patterns late at night. Or with toddlers around. Or husbands ;)

After making my hubby model this sweater, I feel like I want to knit him one as well. I would have to switch the colors to orange and blue for the Tigers of course.

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