Friday, November 16, 2012

Kitchen Update!

First and foremost, don't mind the mess in these pictures (renovations don't prove to be helpful for cleaning). I haven't posted about the kitchen in quite some time (September 22, to be exact). However, we have made some progress today! Last I updated, we were in the middle of knocking out the bulkhead.
This proved to be a lot harder and more time consuming than I originally thought. The previous owner of this house must not have hired professionals (just like we aren't) to fix ANYTHING in this kitchen.
It took us about two weeks to get all the drywall and boards out of the bulkhead. When we finally did that, the drywall was a pain in the butt as well. Neither Adam or myself have actually hung drywall before. However, working as the great team we are, we did it!
Today I finished the joints and corners (he isn't the greatest with details). After that we completed, I texturized the ceiling (crowfeet). The next step is painting the ceiling and walls which is happening on Sunday. We are getting closer and closer to our amazing kitchen!

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