Saturday, September 22, 2012

Demolition Derby!

We have moved from our bedroom to our kitchen, which if you can recall needs help. With much protest, Adam started taking out the bulk head that was above our old cabinets. It made the kitchen look smaller, older, and stuffy.
Well with the start of this demolition, we quickly learned that with the removal of the bulkhead meant the removal of the cabinets as well.
As of right now our kitchen is missing all the top cabinets and half the bulkhead. We have run into every snag that is humanly possible; wire mesh at every corner, old blown insulation, broken shop vac, and more projects to do.
We found a few things when pulling out our old cabinets. We found an old half stick of gum, Popsicle sticks, and a lighter. We also learned that the hubby doesn't need tools to pull out cabinets. Instead, he has found great use for the fact that he can bench press 450lbs. and just ripped the cabinets from the wall!!! Such a brute he is!


  1. Seriously, I'm going to hire your hubby to come to our house! Anything we've wanted to remove has been made to withstand all forces of nature (and power tools). We keep having to hire out removal jobs.

  2. He is having a tough time with this project because the person who originally put it up used like a hundred nails for one board. And we had to deal with all that blown insulation crap.