Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 Week (and 1 day) Update

Yesterday marked 10 weeks into this pregnancy. It seems amazing to me that almost 6 weeks ago, we found out we were adding to our family. The past 6 weeks have gone by fast and painfully slow at the same time. I am ready to hear this little baby's heartbeat (scheduled appointment on the 15th). However, I am finally getting my energy back and able to eat like a normal human being. I have been having cravings. I still have days where nausea is present, but they are becoming less and less.
Decided against editing pictures (due to lack of energy)
As of this morning, my weight loss has officially stopped or at least stabilized. My doctor was worried about my weight loss and says that I am nearly 10 pounds underweight for this point in my pregnancy. I thought this to be weird, seeing as I am overweight to begin with. She seemed offended when I said that it shouldn't be a big deal seeing as I am overweight. Her response; I am not overweight enough to be losing weight. That actually surprised me. I have never been told that I am not overweight enough. It has always been the opposite. Nice to know that at 24 (I can only say that for one more day) I have finally found the weight my body should be at. But hey, at 6 feet tall (5'11.75" if we want to be super technical), just south of 190lbs at 10 weeks pregnant seems good to me. According to Baby Med, I should weigh between 199.6-202.1lb.
Don't mind my bare tummy, but you can see the bump better, right?
My baby bump (which I like) has started to appear (and pregnancy boobs, which my perv of a husband likes), which is when pregnancy really starts to get fun. To those who don't know me or rarely see me may think that it just look like I have eaten a big meal recently. Due to the past few weeks of nausea I can honestly say that this isn't the case. Instead I am forced to eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day in order to avoid a day full of nausea. If I take too much time between meals, the nausea rears its ugly head. I am looking forward to the movement of the baby, the growing baby bump, and the loving connection my husband continue to have over our producing life. I am sure he is looking forward to my emotions to stabilize. I couldn't do any of this without him.

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