Saturday, February 2, 2013

All You Need is....SLEEP

This pregnancy seems a lot more difficult than my first two. I mean I haven't had a bunch of complications, but I am having a difficult time. Like I said with my 9 week update, I have lacked energy. I have always been able to survive on about 4 hours of sleep. Usually anymore than that and I am a wreck for the day. Adjusting to the lack of sleep that comes with motherhood has been easy for me. I have been able to get next to now sleep since I was a child.

With this pregnancy, however, that has changed. I am tired all day long and have to sleep like 10-12 hours a night to even feel slightly rested. I feel like I could sleep for the next 8 months and still be tired. The past few nights my darling babies have decided to make sleep for the weak. Nolan is all of a sudden afraid of the dark. We had to buy him a new, brighter night light that only shuts off when it is light outside. This has solved his problem.
Nolan, a few hours old!
It was Ryenn's turn last night. Her day was all thrown off when she had to get up before 8am instead of at 10:30am in order to get to her doctor appointment. She went to bed around 7pm instead of 8:30pm. She started crying when she heard Nolan go to bed at the normal time and cried on and off for a while. After checking her, getting her a bottle, and changing her l wasn't satisfied. I brought her down to sleep in our bed but she though that meant it was playtime. I brought her back up e finally went to bed.
Ryenn, a few hours old!
I then had to be up early to do dishes because EVERY single one of our plates were dirty and we were having my mother-in-law and brother-in-law over for breakfast. Like I said, I have lacked energy to even bee awake, let alone stand over dishes that nauseate me. Needless to say, I have made time for homework and my family. That's about it. I haven't found energy to finish any knitting projects, to clean really good, or catch up on laundry. I am hoping that with trimester 2 coming up here soon, that my energy will return to normal. If not, this baby is going to be hopped up on caffeine by the time it exits the womb :)

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