Friday, February 15, 2013

11 Week (and 3 day) Update

I am late to posting this because I was supposed to have my first OB appointment this morning. On my way there (actually when I was in Grandville about 2 minutes from the office) I got the call that they needed to reschedule. All because there wasn't a protocol nurse there. From what I remember, that part of the appointment with both my previous pregnancies was pretty pointless. I can't imagine the third time being the charm here. Can't they check the records? Yes I am planning to breastfeed. Yes I want a circumcision if I am having a boy. No I am no interested in cord blood banking. Yes to all the tests I had done with my previous two and no to the ones I didn't. Hell yes I want an epidural (two if you can manage and the guy I had with my first pregnancy, not the woman for the second). Maybe all this ranting is just the pregnancy irritability I have been having. Or maybe I just really think that part of the appointment is a waste of time. Nonetheless, I have the appointment rescheduled for NEXT Friday and I am hoping that I can get my ultrasound done then too. Hopefully I will have belly AND baby pictures for you next week.
11 weeks and hubby helped with belly pics this week
I am back to having zero energy. I feel that this may be because I have taken on so much with school, rather than from this little energy leech. I have been sleeping more (like 9 hours plus naps), but feeling this is adequate rather than feeling tired still. This past week all I have wanted to eat has been Arby's. More specifically, a roast beef sandwich with the cheddar cheese they use for the beef and cheddar and a mountain dew. The last three days I changed this craving to boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. My weight is finally starting to increase. I weighed myself just now (rather than this morning and fully clothed) and I currently weigh 192.5lbs. On Tuesday, I should have weighed somewhere between 199.9-202.7lbs, according to Baby Med. I actually weighed 188.3lbs. This to me is great, but I am sure my doctor will be happy to know that my weight is increasing. Yesterday morning, my weight was at 189.9lbs. I have been monitoring my weight like crazy because 1) I don't want to gain more than 15 and 2) my doctor was worried that I have been losing weight. My bump is starting to look more like a bump, but I still feel like it just looks like I have eaten a lot. I think has something to do with the fact that my boobs are two cup sizes smaller than when I got pregnant with my first two.
I think Adam and I have finally come closer to picking names as well. I am still not sharing because we haven't fully decided and we don't want too much outside influence on our choices. We want us to decided on our names because we love them, rather than what everyone else wants us to name them. We have discussed them with our families, because we have to know what ridiculous nicknames could arise from our choices. The nausea is dissipating, but still shows up from a day or two. It is usually when I am trying to go to bed. I can also get nauseous from drastic temperature changes (which was the case with Nolan and Ryenn). I feel sick going from inside to outside. I also have a really strong sense of smell that makes any nausea I may get, worse. I am hoping that with the arrival of week 12, this will all just magically disappear.

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  1. I hope your "morning" sickness leaves too. I had it with both of my pregnancies. It was like being carsick, day and night, for four months. I literally kept nothing but a half sandwich and a Twinkie (I was 20 and still ate like a kid) down each day, during the first trimester, with my first. Yet somehow I managed to gain alot. It was easier the second time around because I knew what to expect.
    But congrats on your newest little one. You may not feel well, but you look great!