Saturday, February 23, 2013

12 week (and 6 day) Update!

You read that right. After the first doctor's appointment and ultrasound today, our baby has been accurately measured to be 12 weeks and 6 days old today! That moves our due date to August 31st. Knowing me, however, it will be closer to mid August. So I will technically I will be 13 weeks along tomorrow (or today for most of you reading).

We also got to hear the baby's heart rate today. At the doctor's office, the heart rate was between 165 and 170, which usually tends to be a girl type heart rate (based on my family's babies at least). However, once we got the ultrasound, the heart rate was between 150 and 155. This baby does NOT want me guessing the gender. And this little guy or doll was moving the entire time. No sitting still for this baby! Makes me worry a little bit and tired already.

Which reminds me, my energy is getting back to normal and nausea is completely gone (ok mostly gone. Just a few instances here and there to the changes in temperature). I have my energy so long as I get a little bit of a nap in in the afternoon. If I don't, there is a Hellish headache that emerges. I have been craving boneless, honey bbq chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and grilled cheese sandwiches. I have also really been wanting cranberry apple juice. Adam is always so great with keeping these things stocked (minus the wings seeing as Bdubs is not really close to our house). I have also hit the stage in my pregnancy where my gums bleed a lot when I brush my teeth, something I HATE. My weight was up to 192.8! Progress!


  1. You look fabulous! My babies were always really busy - and all were perfectly healthy and happy. The one thing I ever miss about pregnancy was feeling the little bebe rolling around inside.

  2. Aww thanks girl! I am looking forward to feeling this little one move around. I keep feeling those little gas bubble feelings that I know aren't the baby moving yet, but they make me anxious for when I actually start feeling it!