Monday, February 25, 2013

FO Pocahontas Dress

My sister, Kelli, is a brave soul. She was a part of the Polar Plunge again this year. Her work, Buffalo Wild Wings, dresses in a theme every year. This year they went as Disney Princesses and won best costume! The best part? I get to say that I helped make that possible!
Pocahontas jumping into Reed's Lake
Kelli called me late Thursday night in dire need of help. Her friend kind of botched her costume and they had no way to fix it. Of course, the crafty sister lives nearly an hour away so it isn't easy to just pack up and bring things over. Anyway, I told her that I would be home all night, not knowing that I would have to get my ultrasound sometime that night. I had a limited amount of time to finish her costume, but it was just enough time to get it looking awesome.
Disney Princesses!
I don't like to brag when I make things, but I was completely shocked that I made this dress in about 2 hours! It was perfect! She definitely looked the part of Pocahontas. It was a knit material that was somewhat difficult to sew because it stretches. I had to be careful not to stretch it too much as I sewed it. It was also difficult because she had in mind exactly what she wanted. Although she would have had to deal with whatever being last minute and all, I was glad that I could get it done how she wanted.

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