Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FO L and K

Kali and Lily celebrated their birthdays (11 and 7) this past January. We all celebrated as a family on the 3rd of February. For their birthdays, instead of toys, my sister completely redid their rooms exactly how they wanted them (their choice as this for their gift). I knew that I wanted to create something for their rooms.
I bought the giant wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and glitter cardstock. I was excited to get these letters done for the girls' walls. I modge podged the cardstock to the wooden letters and painted the edges with leftover paint I had in my basement. After attaching the paper, I took an exacto knife and cut the excess paper away. I put modge podge around the edges of the paper to clean them up. They turned out great, especially seeing as I made them the morning of the party (procrastinate much).

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