Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Georgia Peach Review and Pattern Giveaway

Welcome Sweatshop of Love readers!! The Georgia Peach is one of the most amazing knitted sweaters I have ever seen for a man. I have searched high and low for a pattern for a sweater that my husband would actually wear if I were to knit one for him. There wasn't a single one that he said he thought looked cool.

When I knit this sweater, he was the model for the finished product. He looked great in it and he actually said he would want one! I was shocked. This pattern was amazing to knit, but what's even more amazing is that my macho man husband likes it too. I knit this sweater using Knit Picks Swish bulky weight in  Planetarium and Red. It was such gorgeous yarn to work with (but then again, what Knit Picks yarn isn' amazing). I also knit this before Allyson had a chance to create the duplicate stitch templates for the teams, which she added later for me

The construction if this sweater was really well thought out. Allyson thought of every design aspect while creating this pattern. The collar was the funnest part for me. At first I was confused with the construction and why I was being directed to do certain things. At this point I didn't have Allyson's pictures to guide me. Once I saw her pictures, it made more sense. Then once I was finished it completely made sense. Seeing as this sweater followed the vintage look from baseball past, you will see some of the inside of the sweater when the collar was opened. Being the professional she is, Allyson thought of this. It made sense to make this portion look as good as the outside. And that it did!

I am looking forward to knitting this pattern again. And you can too! You can purchase the book on Knit Picks as well as Ravelry. The entire collection is $9.99, and individual patterns can be purchased for $4.99. Or you can leave a comment about what colors, what team, or just how excited you are about this gorgeous pattern for your chance to win your very own copy of the Georgia Peach.

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  1. I would make an orange and black one for myself, and then I'd have to make one in blue and red (with a little white in there somewhere) for my husband)....

  2. I just found you through a circuitous route of finding Allyson's vintage logos on Ravelry, then looking at the projects, her making mention of the Georgia Peach sweater (with a NYMets logo) and then googling that and then finally finding you! whew! ;-D

    With the Detroit Tigers making it to post season, I doubt that I can get my sweater (navy, orange, white) done in time for the World Series run, but I might get it done in time for next year's Spring Training! Great pattern!