Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Shirt

When I was putting together Nolan's birthday party, I was very particular on the theme. Everything, and I mean everything, had to be cars related. I decided that instead of spending a ton of money for someone else to make him his birthday shirt, I would enlist some help from my mother-in-law. She is great with a sewing machine and knew she could accomplish what I wanted.
Hard at work!
I wanted a simple t-shirt (which I happened to have a black one in Nolan's closet already) with a big number "2" on it. Nolan picked out cars fabric that he wanted which happened to be the only fabric with Mater on it. I cut out a number "2" from the fabric and sent it home with my mother-in-law. She then sewed the "2" on his shirt. It was a pain with the curves she said. It turned out beautifully! And he loves it!!! He pulls it out to wear every time its in the laundry! Its funny! And it saved me a bunch of money for something so customized and easy to make.
Loving his shirt!

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