Saturday, July 7, 2012

WIP Summer Knitting

Major progress has been made on my Summer Lace Sweater. I did choose to switch up the colors and make it trendy with color blocking. I saw a cardigan at Target a while back that I fell in love with but couldn't see myself spending any amount of money on a sweater I could make myself with yarn I have in my stash. The Target sweater was the inspiration for my color choices on this summer sweater. It didn't hurt that I was threatening to run out of the original color before the sweater was finished.
Color blocking
I also had to tear a little bit of it out because I was off on my stitch count and couldn't figure out where. It was my own mistake, which I blame on the lack of oxygen that can enter my body due to congestion and lack of sleep due to that same congestion.
mint and white

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