Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cars 2 Cute Skirt

In addition to the Cars "2" shirt, I made Ryenn a matching skirt. I had left over fabric the morning of Nolan's birthday party and decided to whip up a skirt.
Mater and Lightning

It was very simple to make; three straight lines of sewing. I first hemmed the bottom of the skirt. I then sewed a spot for the elastic to go in around the waistband.
Cars skirt
With those two things done, I had a long strip of fabric, hemmed along the long edges of the fabric. I them folded the skirt and matched the two end of the fabric without any sewing done to them, right sides together. With that I tugged the elastic to the length I wanted, then proceeded to sew the sides together.
Ryno in her skirt!
It was a simple project that literally took 15 minutes. She looked cute, matched her brother, and completed my theme!

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