Monday, July 16, 2012

Yard Signs

I found yard signs online for the kids' birthday parties in the beginning of June. I thought "what a great idea," but about died when I saw the price on them. $400 for a sign I will only use once!!! That's ludicrous! I decided that I needed this for both my kids' party but wasn't about to spend 3 times my car payment for it!
Instead, I decide to DIY it. I bought three different color poster boards for both kids (black/white/red for Nolan and white/pink/purple for Ryenn). I then figured out the size I wanted and staggered the colors in a pattern. With Nolan's I added the black and whit checkered ribbon to the red letters to make it a bit less boring. I also added Cars 2 stickers to the first letter/number in each sequence. With Ryenn's (which I don't have pictures for), I added the pink and purple polka-dot ribbon to the white letters. It was really windy on her birthday so the pictures of the sign did not turn out too well.

I then hot glued floral stakes to each letter (some had 2) in order to stick them in my front yard. They both turned out really great and cost me less than $10. No where near $400.

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