Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ryenn's Birthday Banner

Much like the decorations at Nolan's birthday party, Ryenn's were handmade. Actually, they were almost identical, just differed in color. Her theme was based of the adorable cake at her party, but was pretty vague; purple and pink. I turned this theme into a princess theme with a few added decorations, but mainly everything was purple and pink. I started with her birthday banner as well. I again found this idea on Pinterest and had to make one. Seeing as it was so easy to make Nolan's banner, Ryenn was getting one too!

I followed the same steps in making her banner but was lacking in amount of paper I had for each color. Instead of having one color for the background and one color for the letters, I decided to do a pattern. This actually worked out better than the single shades would have. I added a white ribbon that had pink and purple polka-dots in order to give it more personality. It was a huge statement piece at her party!

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