Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July?!

I was commissioned a little bit ago to knit up five stockings for a relative of Allyson's boyfriend, PT, and have had the yarn on stand by for quite some time. She sent my the schematics she wanted and the colors she preferred. I went out and bought the yarn about a month and a half ago. I must say that these colors make me want to knit a Christmas sweater or myself.
Anyway, I bought Loops and Thread Impeccable in three different shades; cherry, soft fern, and white. She asked for her and her husband's stockings to be the same and her three kids' stockings to be the same. I have decided to follow her schematic to the letter with her and her husband's. However, I am inverting the colors with the three kids'. These will be stripes that vary in size. I got started this week and have struggled with the heel of the stocking. Not due to the difficulty, but because I am not liking the look. I had to knit up the heel part three times before I was happy with the way it looked. Progress is being made, though. And at a faster rate than expected (even with the delays).
After starting heel for a third time

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