Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weight Loss Progress

The past week has been brutal. I spent the week finishing products for a new location in which you can find Adaly Myles Place (more to come on this). I also had to finish the plans for Ryenn's birthday party and then put everything together. This past week I also started the summer quarter of school (12 credits should be better than the 16 I took last quarter). Lastly, I have been sick. Nonetheless, I wasn't surprised to see my weight look like it was on a rollercoaster this week. When I weighed in on Monday morning, I ended up gaining 3.4lbs due to baking on Friday (had to sample EVERYTHING), the party on Saturday (of course I had to have cake and icecream and other carbs), and then helping the hubby polish off the leftovers from the party (mostly I took charge of the icecream). I was a little discouraged, but to be honest, I haven't been following the diet to the letter since I started. I have been eating extra fruit portions and have had some cheese that isn't allowed. However, after my sort of binge weekend, Monday I decided to ignore the things in my kitchen that seem to scream to me when I'm looking to eat (leftover cake, peanut butter sandwhiches, cereal, etc.). Instead, I keep cutting up cucumbers, eating salads, and protein fruit smoothies. I also have been drinking a ton of water and green tea, like I am supposed to. I haven't been working out due to my lack of energy (seriously can barely keep my eyes open) and my really scratchy throat (I start coughing just by cleaning my house). I was happy when I weighed in this morning to see that I at least lost some of the gained weight. I weighed in at 189.8lbs . Not where I had hoped to be at this point in the summer, but hey, its better than where I was in the beginning of the summer.

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