Monday, July 30, 2012

True Expressions Photography

First pregnancy
I attribute the birth of Adaly Myles Place to a few people. One of these people is Tyla from True Expressions.
Nolan and Ryenn
Pregnant with Ryenn
She has taken all of our maternity photos, both kids' newborn photos, Nolan's 1 year photos, and we are currently in the process of taking Nolan at 2 years old, Ryenn at 1 year old, and us as a family.
All "four" of us

She was the first sale I made with my knitting products. It was great to know that I could help her get exactly what she wanted for photo props.

She has been able to capture the blessed growth of our family. I am glad that we have a relationship with our photographer that goes beyond just shooting a coupe of pictures. She almost knows what makes our kids tick! This past Saturday was phase 1 of our family photos (not usually done in phases).

With 2 kids who decided to skip out on naps, it was almost impossible to get them to take pictures. Really it was impossible to get Nolan to not cry when we would stop him from playing.

She told us to come back this coming Friday to see if we can try again to get something without Nolan crying. I know that with all that I have witnessed through our photo shoots, she is so great.
We haven't had the most cooperative kids (or for me the most serious husband either). Adam like to take silly pictures, Ryenn only looks at the camera for a half a second, and Nolan will only let you take pictures of him running in the other direction.

She has taken such great photos in the past with all this activity and I know that she will continue to get our business because she is so talented and accommodating.

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