Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

I am the queen of procrastination and I wait until the last minute for everything (anyone who knows me can attest to this). I attempted to rid myself of this procrastination with at least one holiday. I was hoping this would be the 4th of  July. Of course, this was not the case. I bought a red, white, and blue plaid fabric in order to make Ryenn a festive pillowcase dress. I also bought red, white, and blue striped ribbon for the ties. I thought I would make this dress weeks in advance. With Nolan and Ryenn's birthday parties, I was tied up with other crafting projects. And then I woke up on Wednesday morning, still not feeling well and still needing her dress finished.
stars, stripes and plaid!
 When Ryenn went to take her nap at around 11am, I rushed to get my sewing machine, fabric, and ribbon. Nolan was excited to help (he wouldn't stop trying to push the pedal). I also found an easy tutorial on making a pillowcase dress at Aesthetic Nest, which is also loaded with numerous other dresses and DIY projects. It made the process a lot easier. When I finished the dress itself, it still didn't look much like a holiday dress. I remembered that I had also bought felt stars for my 4th of July scrapbook pages in the dollar section at Joann's. I decided to add one of each of the colors: red, white, and blue. This made the dress exactly what I wanted it to be!
Without her little capris
I didn't take her measurements before she went for her nap so the dress ended up a bit shorter than I was hoping for. Instead of pairing it with the white diaper cover I had hoped to, I put on her white legging/capris. This looked great! I was pleased with the outcome and I thinking about making many more of these very soon!

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