Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weight Loss Progress

I have still been sick. This has greatly effected my ability to lose weight, seeing as I have been eating crackers and soup and bread (everything not included in my diet). I also skipped a night of sleep in order to read an entire book (more on that later)! However, rather than sit here and fill the page with excuses, I decided instead to talk about the road ahead. This morning I weighed in and was more than happy to see a loss this morning. I currently weigh 186.9lbs. I am hoping that this coming week working out will become plausible (that is if I can breath through my nose and my coughing stops). I am also posting inspirational quotes and goals around the house fo rmyself (my mirror, closet, fridge, and pantry). That way I will have the constant reminder of what I am trying to achieve here.

Brave enough to be in my bikini on the 4th of July even though now its a bit too big

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