Tuesday, January 29, 2013

9 Week Update

9 weeks! As of today we are 9 weeks along. I am amazed that we found out so early that we are having our 3rd little bundle. We found out we were pregnant with Ryenn when I was about 9 weeks along. With Nolan, it was 16 weeks along! I know this last number seems nuts, but I was having regular cycles throughout my pregnancy with Nolan until around that time. Anyway, 9 weeks! 31 more weeks (or sooner seeing as I have gone into labor early with both the other babies) until we meet our little munchkin. We had talked about baby number 3, but wanted to wait until I was done with school in about a year. However, life had other plans for us.

25 weeks along with Nolan
This baby is just as much of a surprise as the other two. I guess we weren't meant to plan a pregnancy. But we are overjoyed and feel so blessed to be adding to our family. We found out on December 29th that I was pregnant. I had been feeling nauseous for over a month, but kept getting negative tests. I even got a negative blood test at the doctor's office on the 20th. However, when I was 2 days late, I decided to test again. I had mixed feelings about what I wanted the results to be. Negative meant I could finish the pre-pregnancy list I had developed earlier in 2012. Positive meant we were being blessed with another beautiful baby. I wanted another baby, but I also wanted to be in a bigger house and done with school. I decided to take the test on that Saturday so that I could tell Adam if it were positive on a night that he didn't have to work.Well low and behold it was positive. I don't know what I was expecting out of Adam for a response but when he was excited too, I cried. I think I expected a little less than happy because we had goals for before baby 3 joined us. But he was just as excited as I was. We just layed together. He held me in his arms and told me how much he loved me. We talked about our plans now that we were having another. Our family is growing!
16 weeks along with Ryenn
I have spent this pregnancy wanting sleep, not being able to eat, and lacking energy. I spent one week eating crackers and chicken noodle soup ONLY. I now cannot eat solid food in the morning without feeling sick the rest of the day. Instead, Adam brings me smoothies, frozen yogurt, or some other food along those lines. I find myself wanting certain things to eat but once I make them, they nauseate me. I started this pregnancy weighing 195.8lbs and am now down to 189.3lbs. According to a Baby Med, I should weigh between 198.4-200.6 lb. I am blaming this on the weeks of nausea. I would love to stay below what I should be gaining because I am aiming to gain 15lbs or less. That will make losing pregnancy weight a lot easier after I birth this little one. I am hoping that my energy returns soon. I am planning a picture per week progress but this week, I decided to just get this post out. I want to add a letter to our little baby per week and have yet to edit it. I will share this weeks picture on next week's post.

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