Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Return of Holla Knits

I am proud to report that Allyson's baby was a huge success! Holla Knits' debut edition was beyond words! Every pattern was amazing. The designers involved had such great talent. I was so glad that I was able to help at all (by test knitting the Umbre Lovre and Put a Belt on it).

I am excited that the next issue is so close to being released. I also have a part in this issue's launch. I am so glad Allyson has asked for my help again. This time Allyson is only designing one pattern, rather than two. So I am test knitting her only design for this issue (trust me it isn't due to laziness that she is doing only one pattern, she has 1,000 other projects in the works as well). I was also asked to help model the other knits! I am most nervous about this.
Anyway, I got an amazingly beautiful set of yarn mailed to me last week. Again, I am spoiled with hand dyed yarn. This yarn came from the Perwinkle Sheep in NewYork. I was blown away by how gorgeous this yarn is. Who is really ever impressed with the color brown?! I was with the arrival of this yarn. The coral was just as gorgeous. Together these colors are to die for! And she came up with the funnest names for them; Dirt and Coralicious.

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