Monday, January 28, 2013

5 Greatest Accomplishments

Everyone has different things that they believe to be great accomplishments. I was excited to share what I think are my 5 greatest accomplishments on the 30 things my kids should know about me list.
1. Becoming a wife. I know that this is an easy accomplishment in most people's eyes, but for me I think this is one of my greatest accomplishments. I was able to marry a man who completely has my heart. He takes great care of his family. He is my best friend. He loves me with everything he has and would move mountains for me. Once I found him, I knew that there would never be such a perfect person for me to share my life with. I think finding a spouse that makes your life better and compliments you (not as in give you compliments but makes you a better you) is hard to find. For me, I was able to find that in my very first try. He and I were meant to spend our lives with one another.

2. Becoming a mother. While being a mother is one of the toughest jobs I have ever had, it has been the most rewarding. Through sicknesses and late nights, every time I see their smiling faces I know I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. I couldn't imagine my life without being called mommy. I know that mothering isn't for everyone, but for me it is everything. My children are my whole world. I plan everything around their needs, wants, and desires. I try to anticipate what they may need, so they don't have to worry about it. I hurt when they hurt. I laugh when they laugh. And I really should sleep when they sleep :)
3. Starting Adaly Myles Place. Running a business is difficult. Even when it is something you love, there is always planning involved. You have to make time (which is exactly why I don't sleep when my kids sleep). You have to think ahead and anticipate what customers may want. You then have to make sure you satisfy anyone who will be buying your item or even seeing your item (for hopes of future sales). I love knitting and being able to use that to provide for my family has been amazing.
4. Going to college. While I put college on the back burner due to lack of emotional support, I am fully enrolled (and then some) in school. I am currently taking 20 credit hours and plan to have my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice by the spring of 2014. While I have always known where my career path was headed, I never had a timeline. With the push from having kids and the most amazing support system in my husband, school seems like a no brainer and much more enjoyable. I am so excited to be finishing soon and then heading to law school.
5. Owning a home. While I cannot take full responsibility for this accomplishment, I feel that it says wonders about our marriage. My husband paid for our house in cash when he bought it back in 2009. We have been slowly renovating it to avoid having to finance things and have debt. We are currently in the process of a major overhaul in our kitchen. We have survived life without taking out credit cards, without racking up a ton of debt, and sticking to a budget as much as possible. Due to having no mortgage, I am able to stay home with our kids. This has saved us a ton in gas, daycare, and even wear and tear on my car. My husband was very smart by saving up money.

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